Protective Building Systems

Stackable and Expandable Modules

Hallwood Modular Buildings has designed units that are expandable and stackable. These modules can expand from a single 12′ x 40′ to a 96′ x 40′ complex. These have been designed in order to provide a multitude of configurations, or appeal to those with limited real estate.

HMB’s innovative, pre-engineered, standard offering provides full functionality, scalability, and mobility. Whether it is for short-term or long-term installations, HMB’s flexibility inherently aligns safety and operational utility with corporate budgetary requirements, able to provide a comprehensive solution.

HMB has created a Building Block concept to expand a single module design into multi-module complexes and stackable configurations. This integrates safety, functionality, and customization; all at the absolute best value. At the heart of this Building Block concept is Mechanical Fastening System that allows single modules to be connected allowing for a full, free span complexes or stackable buildings. These multi-plex and stackable designs have been engineered, evaluated, and have met the approval from some of the largest energy companies in the world.

Having a protective and scalable building also provides the flexibility to be outfitted to accommodate any of the following applications.

  • Administrative Buildings
  • Control Rooms
  • Office Buildings
  • Operator Shelters
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Safe Haven’s/Shelters In Place
  • Change Houses/Locker Rooms
  • Tool Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Guard House
  • Power Distribution Panels

To see an example of an expandable 3 module complex – Click Here

Click the below links for stackable 3D representations!



Below is an example of a Duplex stacked on top of two single modules. In the first drawing you see the lower level that is comprised of two modules with a walk through. The next drawing is the upper level comprised of a wide open duplex. With our new units the configuration options are endless!