Protective Building Systems

Weather Proof Buildings

What we protect against

Hallwood Modular Buildings protect against a wide range of threats and risks, and continues to expand into new markets. It is obvious that there are many different threats and risks within the industries we service; whether it is forced entry and ballistic rated buildings for security, or protection from the elements as a result of the weather. Given the increase in technology and the knowledge that is required in producing buildings that protect against these threats, innovation is driving the protective building industry. We have realized that over the years the various protection levels we have developed for the different industries we service are becoming increasingly common with all of our customers in all industries. Today, Hallwood Modular Buildings is able to provide protection from any or all of these threats and risks, and are able to do it in every application we provide.

  • Blast/Explosion
  • Projectiles
  • Fire
  • Forced Entry
  • Noise
  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Ballistics
Hallwood Modular Protects Against Explosions
Hallwood Modular Protects Against Forced Entry
Hallwood Modular Protects Against Tornadoes