Protective Building Systems

Temperature Controlled Modular Blast and Ballistic Buildings

Commitment to Safety & Security

Hallwood Modular Building’s highest priority is the protection of personnel and critical equipment in some of the toughest environments. We are committed to the continued development of our products to further enhance safety and security.

Developing a strong safety culture and delivering the safety performance that our customers expect only happens by having dedicated and engaged leadership at all levels.

One of the most important factors in safety is every employee individually committing to work more safely and being mindful of the safety of those around them. To support and drive this behavior throughout the organization, HMB shares safety information and best practices throughout its team and clearly communicates our guiding principles for safety to all employees.

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Recessed Lighting
Blast Resistant Office Interior

Our commitment to safety stands out in distinct ways:

Assessment: Assessment and benchmarking against the world’s safety leaders drives continual improvement through the adoption of best practices.