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Where Safety and Service Unite

Hallwood Modular Buildings provides protective building systems and related services that help protect your personnel and critical equipment. Our blast resistant buildings can provide protection from blasts/explosions, ballistics, projectiles, fire, forced entry, noise, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados.

Since 2004, Hallwood Modular Buildings (HMB) has been one of the premier Leasing and Service companies of Blast Resistant Buildings. The Company is an independent privately-owned company that leases and services Blast Resistant Buildings to an array of industries. Whatever your Protective Building needs may be, we are here to make sure you are satisfied. As a customer oriented company, you can decide with our help, what the best solution is for your particular situation. HMB works closely in the design and manufacture of Protective Buildings for sale and for its leasing fleet.

Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle (Orange Texas), HMB has the safest, most flexible, and spacious rental fleet of blast resistant buildings in the industry. HMB also provides custom blast resistant buildings and guard buildings that can be configured with Forced Entry and Ballistic Rated options including windows, gun ports, etc.

SAFETY – At HMB, safety is practiced, preached, and is hardwired throughout its culture. The safety program and organization wide focus and attention towards safety has resulted in safety becoming Priority #1.

QUALITY – HMB has accumulated a treasure trove of intellectual property derived from large investments in engineering and experience. HMB maintains a continuous improvement Quality Management System (QMS) all centered on consistency and customer satisfaction. Because it considers its products as critical safety equipment, HMB complies to Process Safety Management (PSM) Mechanical Integrity standards on all of its products.

SERVICE – 24/7 HMB stands ready to support what it sells or rents and become your one-stop-shop for BRMs. HMB has BRM Site Services, Safety Services and Monthly Inspection and Maintenance Services handled by seasoned craftsmen and technicians that are strategically positioned throughout the gulf coast able to handle all your BRM needs.