Protective Building Systems

Blast Resistant Duplex


Hallwood Modular Buildings full range of services are available only in the states of Texas and Louisiana. If outside territory, please call 337-393-2575 to inquire about your options.

Hallwood Modular Buildings a “One Stop Shop”

Hallwood Modular Building’s goal is to meet each and every requirement you may have in regards to servicing your BRM.

Hallwood Modular Buildings offers a full range of services:

  • Free site service quotes
  • In field service to include:
    • Rhino Lining Spray and Fast Floor applications
    • Updating/ upgrading hardware and safety items (wireless data boosters, smoke/CO detectors, and fire extinguishers)
    • Site supervisors – Installation and Maintenance
    • Turnkey remodels
    • On site reconstructions/ Retrofit services
    • Plant level building maintenance contracts

Monthly BRM Inspections

  • Floor
  • Electrical outlets
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Record fire extinguisher service dates
  • Hardware
  • AC Filters
  • Provide information to site contact of any issues or damage being done by the occupier
  • Inspections report for each building provided to contact at completion of job.
  • E-light
  • Smoke/carbon dioxide detector